What is a Smart Home?

Blueberry Home Automation packages are available in various ways and cover many products. Home automation started for us when a customer wanted to take daily deliveries at home, but they were at work. It wasn’t long before we realised that at this time of the ‘distribution revolution’ we were on to something, that’s when the Blueberry ‘Smart Garage Door’ was conceived.

With our app-based radio Garage Doors, we had a pretty secure & encrypted way to open the door from anywhere on earth. It was adding the indoor and outdoor cameras that completed the picture, now the Smart Door is our stock and trade”

Smart control can be set to operate completely independently and even through voice control and feedback, enhanced with cameras, sensors, heating, lighting and much more. Implied occupancy deters would-be intruders, and intelligent control reduces utility consumption and can help minimise energy cost. 

Smart Hub - Total Home Automation.

Blueberry Automation guarantee this is the first, and last, home hub you will ever need.  The Somfy TaHoma home hub allows you to centralise the control of your home’s automated features.

Compatible with expert partners and up to 300 different products, Blueberry Automation’s smart home system lets you operate your garage door, open your blinds or switch on your lighting all from your PC, tablet, smart phone and watch using the app.

Blueberry Automation’s Smart Home benefits give you complete comfort and control, the solutions also offer energy-saving benefits, with sun sensors that automatically adjust your blinds or shutters to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. With email alerts and feedback, coupled with the ability to adjust your home’s features remotely, you can rest assured that your home is secure at all times.

Intelligently and independently control multiple devices at once with scenario settings and personalise your Blueberry Automation TaHoma home automation system to suit your lifestyle with smart programming features

Reduce energy costs with Radiator Smart Valves

Thinking about app based heating? Before spending money on turning the whole house boiler up, do you really need to? App only based heating is clever but is it really ‘Smart’?

The Blueberry Automation Thermostatic Radiator Valve system can replace almost any thermostatic radiator valve and is suitable for most heating systems, if you move you can take it with you and is a much more finessed room by room heating control. Our radiator valves have been created to allow you to set the temperature in every room.

The radiator valve is controlled; locally by using the buttons on the front, or remotely using the TaHoma hub, independently with pre set autonomy, or complete interoperability with other connected smart products using the Blueberry Automation Smart activations in the home, e.g. sunlight too bright? Close blinds but turn valves up and set lighting to low mood with radio on. That’s not just Smart, that’s Genius.

Light and Temperature Sensors

Save energy and make your home as comfortable as possible with this battery powered sensor, easily installed inside or outside your home it will monitor temperature levels. When certain temperatures have been set it will wirelessly alert your Blueberry system, then adjust your connected products according to your set preferences. On hot summer days and your blinds can close to protect your furniture, plants and pets, in winter the heating turns up and curtains close.

Sunis – This wireless sensor is easy use on a battery power supply enabling installation anywhere in your home, the sensor detects specific lux (light intensities) and will automatically adjust your connected TaHoma products to deliver your ideal environment. This means you can program your roller blinds to close and your lights to be switched on at dawn or for your blinds to open for a welcoming wake up on sunny mornings.

Enhance Security with outdoor cameras.

The thought of someone breaking into your home, prowling around your house, looking for valuables, perish the thought. What you really want is for the burglars just to keep off your property in the first place. Blueberry Automation can provide a complete security system in one discreet package.

The camera comes with all the functionality of the Indoor camera, but with quite a lot more as well. Most obviously, it is IP54 rated for genuine outdoor use (not IP44 like many others), more importantly, it has a built-in 110 db alarm. Additional benefits include a variety of partial alarm arming settings and the ability to turn on up to 500W of Halogen lighting (100W LED).

Aesthetically it’s one of the best looking on the market, the ‘down light’ style prevents the ‘Garrison’ feel many other solutions create. Available in colours of Anthracite and White help to keep the home safe.

Protect your home with Internal Cameras.

The Indoor Camera is Super HD plug & play indoor security camera, it records what you choose & sends you a push message if there is motion. Storage is as you choose either in the cloud or on your own Dropbox. As soon as the camera detects a movement, it will immediately start a 30 second recording and you’ll receive a push message on your smartphone.

You can watch live, check the recorded images and download those images for free for up to 7 days with no subscription! The Somfy Protect privacy shutter can be set as you choose to literally close down, nothing gets recorded or stored 100% Blueberry Automation privacy guaranteed.

Talk and Listen from anywhere with its 2-way audio communication, with Blueberry Automation zone selection, you can create non-activation areas. Excellent night vision, 4x zoom, GPS Smart Activation, shared networks and kids mode are just a few of the extensive settings available.

Control electronics with a Smart Plug.

Save energy and make your home life more comfortable with the remote-controlled Electric Socket, easy to install and simple to use wireless radio switches let you remotely turn your products on or off with a single touch.

The remote-controlled socket lets you control your; lighting, heating, hot tub, etc with your; hand-held fob, smartphone, tablet or PC device. With a max of 3 KW three’s not much it cant handle, from turning off the Christmas tree illuminations to eliminating scrabbling behind the telly they’re an affordable must.

5 Year Warranty

We only work with the very highest standard of components and suppliers, manufactured in the UK all of our products are of the highest quality. Warranty is 5 years as standard, no, ‘extra’ warranty is required, the OEM will require that the door is regularly serviced as per Machinery directive.

Google Reviews: What Our Customers Say...

Roger Lazenby
Roger Lazenby
6 May 2024
Excellent service was provided by Neil right from the start when I sent an initial enquiry in response to their advert in 'Adel Bells' parish magazine. He was able to point us in the direction of an installed door which we could see in the colour we were considering which helped us come to a decision. The actual installation was done on dates to suit us and was undertaken very professionally and with minimum disturbance. The completed job looks, and works, superbly. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Blueberry to anyone considering a new garage door.
Natalie Trafford
Natalie Trafford
4 April 2024
Spoke with Neil after seeing reviews online. I had absolutely no expectations as I’d spoken with a few garage companies in the past and not been particularly impressed. He was absolutely brilliant from the word go and such a nice genuine guy. He genuinely cares about the product/company which is quite a rare thing. I was worried the door I wanted would be way over budget but it wasn’t! It was installed exactly when I’d asked it to be and Neil worked so hard to make it perfect. I would 100% recommend this company!
Laura Hudson
Laura Hudson
29 March 2024
Neil put a new electric garage door, side door and apex on my parent’s garage and they are really happy with it. It’s made a huge difference to an old garage and he did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend!
Joel Riley
Joel Riley
25 March 2024
Used Blueberry on a Project in Bardsey. Very impressed. Communication and detail throughout. Would highly recommend Neil. Support local Business!
I Pity The Fuel
I Pity The Fuel
19 March 2024
Fantastic experience with Neil and his company. He came to me through a recommendation from a good friend. Instantly at ease as soon as I met him, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. This shows in the end product I have been left with. The garage door and components are of high end quality and the fit and finish is commendable. I now pass on that recommendation that I took to anyone who is looking for a garage door replacement or repair and service. You won't be disappointed.
Matthew Hoare
Matthew Hoare
4 March 2024
Annual service just completed. Comprehensive and efficient. Recommended.
Oliver Gardiner
Oliver Gardiner
3 March 2024
Great work, done quickly and at a read price. Would recommend.
Jenny Fisher
Jenny Fisher
21 February 2024
Fantastic service and quality. Neil is lovely and very helpful. I will be recommending to everyone I know.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
12 February 2024
From start to finish highly professional and a real pleasure to deal with. Work was fantastic, very neat and tidy and the end result was amazing. If your looking for roller shutters dont look anywhere else. Big thanks to the Neil and the guys for the service...
Edward Newman
Edward Newman
5 February 2024
We are absolutely delighted with our new garage door, and very happy with all our interactions with Blueberry Automations. Neil has been highly professional, efficient, friendly and informative throughout, right from our initial consultation through to the installation.

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